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84 films are represented by 14 cities of nine Brazilian states and of another eight countries besides Brazil. Free programming takes place on August 28 and September 5 at several sites in the city and filmmakers, actors, produces, film critics, chats, workshops, exhibitions, 24-hour movie exhibition will be part of it. Film critic Rubens Ewald Filho and director Eliane Caffé will be honored.  


The 3rd Santos Film Fest – Santos International Film Festival is releasing the list of the selected and guest films for the programming which will occur from August 28 to September 5 at over 13 sites in Santos: Cine Roxy 5, Cine Roxy 4, Cine Arte Posto 4, Cine ZN, Santos Image and Sound Museum, Santos Film Library, Marcel Rodrigues Paes City Comic Book Library, Unimonte São Judas Campus, Citizenship Station, Art Institute at the Dock, Open House Language School, Pátio Iporanga Mall and Santos Sesc.

The 3rd festival edition will deal with the themes “What world do we wish for?”, bearing in mind the need for reflection and debate on fundamental issues such as inclusion, tolerance, diversity, respect for differences, given the 17 Objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, and “Binge-watch with us at the movies”, understanding how important the movies are for people to gather, exchange ideas, share world perspectives, as a tool to promote culture and education.

“This way the festival meets its cultural and social goals. Given the 2030 Agenda, we seek to reflect upon humanity, our planet, how we are interacting with one another not only within the country but also with the rest of the world, and different cultures. How are we dealing with our fellow men? How do we deal with what is different? Lots of intolerant trends have been gaining strength over the past years and we don’t want a setback. And the curatorship sought films which incite thinking, reflection in that direction. As for the cultural focus, we have kept the historic review honoring one of the greatest, if not the greatest, film critic of the country, and a filmmaker who touches a sore spot when she approaches emblematic themes”, André Azenha, the creator and general director of the Santos Film Fest, explains.

“The highlight of the 2030 Agenda lies in the fact that for the first time there has been references to culture in the international development agenda. Upon aspiring, in Objective 11, the inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities, the 2030 Agenda has also placed the safeguard and the cultural promotion as ends in themselves, permeating all the other SDGs, such as decent work, economic growth, inequality decrease, environment, promotion of gender equality”, Niedja Santos, from the Santos economic innovation office, points out. “Culture paves the way for the development focused on people. Therefore, the Santos Film Fest, which looks to democratize the access to movies, culture, create an audience, bringing audiovisual professionals and people closer together (SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 10: “Inequality Decrease”), expand the view of cinema as an educational medium (SDG 4: “inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promote learning opportunities”), as well as promote the dialogue for citizenship about cultural and social plurality (SDG 17: “Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions”), plays a fundamental role in implementing the agenda locally. The workshops that will be given, reinforcing the formative training and the themes which will be discussed at the 2018 edition of the festival related to climatic changes and sustainable food, among others, fostering the debate about extremely important SDGs. So, it is a major milestone that a film festival such as the Santos Film Fest, in the single creative city of the cinema of the Americas, is taking the lead on discussing the role of culture in the 2030 Agenda implementation, inspiring not only other Santos cultural festivals, a city which breathes culture on its streets and squares, but also cultural, social and educational actions”, he adds.


Rubens Ewald Filho (Foto: Paula Azenha/Divulgação).

That is why the festival honors the film critic Rubens Ewald Filho, born in Santos, who has already seen over 53 thousand movies and covered 35 Oscar ceremonies, being a pioneer in his profession in many ways, and the filmmaker Eliane Caffé, whose filmography addresses issues related to housing rights, identity rights, the treatment given to refugees, be those foreigners who arrive in Brazil or Brazilians who are made to leave their land or try to settle in disused


Opening: Rubens will be at the festival opening at Cine Roxy 5 on August 28, 2018, when he will receive the Luciano Quirino award from the Santos-born actor himself, now living in Rio de Janeiro. At the time the short film “Eu Preciso Destas Palavras Escritas”, about Artur Bispo do Rosário, directed by Milena Manfredini and Raquel Fernandes and starred by Luciano, will be shown as well. A surprise performance by the Santo de Casa project will close the night. On the 29th at 8:00 pm, Rubens and Luciano will take part in the “Santistas do Mundo” chat, at the São Judas auditorium on Unimonte campus, mediated by the film critic Waldemar Lopes. Earlier on the 29th, at 5:00 pm, the exhibition “Rubens Ewald Filho:Vida de Cinema” will open, with the critic’s personal collection.

Eliane Caffé – Eliane will make an appearance on September 3, a Monday afternoon, when she will show the feature film “Era o Hotel Cambridge” and receive the Ondina Clais award from the actress herself. The festival will show another emblematic film by the filmmaker, “Narradores de Javé”.


This has been the first year the SFF has opened registrations for short, medium and feature films. Ten short films, four medium length films and six feature films have been selected for the Popular Jury – Ruben Ewald Filho Award. Productions for the Humanities show and special sessions have also been selected. In all, the festival will show 84 productions which represent 14 cities of nine Brazilian states: Cordisburgo (MG), Curitiba (PR), Fortaleza (CE), Goiânia (GO), Guarujá (SP), Juazeiro do Norte (CE), Natal (RN), Nazaré (BA), Porto Alegre (RS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Santos (SP), São Carlos (SP), São Vicente (SP) and Sorocaba (SP), and, besides Brazil, another eight countries. The foreign productions are represented by Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, The United Kingdom and Sweden. Brazilian and foreign films taking part of the programming have been selected based on partnerships with film distributors, Canada General Consulate, Sweden General Consulate, Institut Français, Cinemateca Francesa and Ambassade De France.

Eliane Caffé.

There will be five premiers: “Benzinho”, “Ferrugem”, “SP: Crônicas de uma Cidade Real”, “Odinei Ribeiro: O Narrador de Emoções” and “Crô em Família”. Directors, producers and actors will make an appearance. Besides Rubens, Eliane, Luciano and Ondina, Virginia Cavendish, Karine Telles, director Elder Fraga, actors in “Crônicas…”, Renata Giovannetti, Elvis del Bagno, Marcus Garret among others.

The festival will still have three exhibitions, 24-hour movie exhibition with breakfast, chats, formative workshops, among other actions. The complete programming will soon be released and new films can still be confirmed.





A Fera na Selva, directed by Paulo Betti, Eliane Giardini and Paulo Escorel, 75’ (Sorocaba, SP)
A Mais Briosa – Um Amor 100 Divisão, directed by Guilherme Bernardo, 90’ (Santos, SP)
Amores de Chumbo, directed by Tuca Siqueira, 98’, (São Paulo, SP)
Como Você Me Vê, directed by Felipe Bond, 113’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Henfil, directed by Angela Zoé, 75’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Sailing Band, directed by Denis Nielsen, 74’ (São Paulo, SP)


Eu Preciso Destas Palavras Escrita, with Luciano Quirino.


A Poeira Não Quer Sair do Esqueleto, directed by Daniel Santiso and Max William Morais, 21’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Em Algum Lugar Amanhã, directed by André Diqueira, 24’59’’ (Curitiba (PR)
O Homem do Saco, directed by Christian Savi e Luiz Fernando Coutinho, 23’41’’ (São Carlos, SP)
Turma da Mônica – Gerações, directed by Paula Luana Maia, 22’51’’ (Guarujá, SP)


Alma Bandida, directed by Marco Antônio Pereira, 15’ (Cordisburgo, MG)
Ao Final da Conversa Eles Se Despedem com um Abraço, directed by Renam Brandão, 20’ (Rio de Janeiro, EJ)
Ciclos, directed by Juliana Gomes and Luiz Roberto Penereiro, 17’11’’ (São Vicente, SP)
E Agora Me Calo de Vez, directed by Marco Bravo e Candé Faria, 19’ (Porto Alegre, RS)
Esconde-Esconde, directed by Luciana Bollina and Luis Felipe Mendes, 5’40’’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Estigma, directed by Levi Elionai, 8’42’’ (Santos, SP)
Intocável, directed by Matheus Madeiros, 17’ (Goiânia, GO)
Lá do Alto, directed by Luciano Vidigal, 8’47’’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Sessão Especial, directed by Gabriela Queiroz, 20’ (Fortaleza, CE)
Vidas Cinzas, directed by Leonardo Martinelli, 15’ (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)




Elenco e equipe técnica reunidos.

Benzinho  (“Loveling”) (PREMIERE), directed by Gustavo Pizzi, 95’, with the presence of actress Karine Telles
Crô em Família, directed by Cininha de Paula, with the presence of crew members
Ferrugem, directed by Aly Muritiba, 99’, with the presence of production members
Odinei Ribeiro: O Narrador de Emoções, directed by Germano Pereira e Renata Giovannetti, about 90’, with the presence of directors, producer Rubens Ewald Filho and Odinei Ribeiro
SP: Crônicas de uma Cidade Real, directed by Elder Fraga, 100’, with the presence of director and cast



50 São os Novos 30 (Marie-Francine, 2018), directed by Valkérie Lemecier, France/Belgium, 95’
A Livraria (The Bookshop, 2017), directed by Isabel Coixet, the United Kingdom / Spain / Germany, 113’
Animal Político (2016), directed by Tião, Brazil, 72’
Elon Não Acredita na Morte (2016), directed by Ricardo Alves Jr., Brazil, 76’
Em Busca de Fellini (In Search of Fellini , 2017), directed by Taron Lexton, the USA, 93’
Hotel Terapêutico (Hotell, 2013), directed by Lisa Langseth, 93’. Sweden
Jonas e o Circo sem Lona (2015), directed by Paula Gomes, Brazil, 81’
Kabadio – O Tempo Não Tem Pressa, Anda Descalço (2017), directed by Daniel Leite, Brazil ,95’
Martha e Nikki (Martha & Niki , 2016), directed by Tora Mårtens, Sweden, 90’
My Prairie Home (2013), directed by Chelsea McMullan, Canada, 76’
No Clima de Melville (In the Mood For Melville, França), directed by Benjamin Clavel, France, 58’
O Efeito Aquático (L’effet aquatique, 2016), directed by Sólveig Anspach and Jean-Luc Gaget, France, 83’
O que Estamos Esperando? (Qu’est Ce Qu’on Attend?, 2016), directed by Marie-Monique Robin, France, 119’
Paris à Branca (Paris La Blanche, 2017), directed by Lidia Terki, France, 83’
Tempestade (Tempéte, 2016), directed by Samuel Collardey, France, 2016
Um Jogo Sério (Den allvarsamma leken, 2016), directed by Pernilla August, Sweden, 115’
Um Novo Capitalismo (2017), directed by Henry Grazinoli, Brazil, 76’
Verão Eterno (Odödliga/Eternal Summer, 2015), directed Andreas Öhman, Sweden, 106’


A Caixa, directed by Thais Maynara, 10`46“ (Santos, SP)
A Cava é Cova, directed by Leandro Olimpio da Rocha, 8`12“ (Santos, SP)
À La Cida, directed by Lucas Santiago Rosa, 13`09“ (Fortaleza, CE)
A Rua das Casas Surdas, directed by Gabriel Mayer e Flavio Costa, 7`56“ (Porto Alegre, RS)
Alô Maman, directed by Michely Ascari, 11` (Goiânia, GO)
Anchieta, directed by Marcelo Pereira dos Santos and Victoria Andreia, 11` (São Vicente, SP)
Batom Vermelho, directed by Luiz Antônio Souza Campos and Lucas Nascimento, 17`02“ (São
Paulo, SP)
Candeias, directed by Ythallo Demys Bezerra Rodrigues anbd Reginaldo Farias, 19`17“ (Juazeiro do Norte, CE)
Cine Rio Branco, directed by Eudaldo Monção Rocha Junior, 18` (Nazaré, BA)
Dia de Feira, directed by Wladimir Cruz, 10`06“ (São Vicente, SP)
Elipse do Tempo, directed Luan Menezes Moreno, 15` (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Em Torno do Sol, directed Julio Castro and Vlamir Cruz de Medeiros, 12` (Natal, RN)
Escolhas, directed by Patrícia Evans, 6`40“ (Curitiba, PR)
Estamos Todos Aqui, directed by Rafael Mellim and Chico Santos, 19` (São Paulo, SP)
Mar de Monstros, directed by Isabella Raposo, 18`57“ (Rio de janeiro, RJ)
O Analfabeto Político, directed by André dos Santos, 14`43“ (São Paulo, SP)
O Vestido de Myriam, directed by Lucas H. Rossi, 15` (Rio de janeiro, RJ)
Por Conta da Casa, directed  Flavio Costa, 14`55“ (Porto Alegre, RS)
Você Só Dá Aula?, directed by Fabiano Keller, 19`40“ (Santos, SP)



Era o Hotel Cambridge (2016), 110’, with the presence of the director
Narradores de Javé
(2002), 100’



Através da Sombra (2016), directed by Walter Lima Jr., 100’, with the presence of actress Virginia Cavendish
Como é Bom Ser Bom,
directed by Carlos Oliveira,
Eu Preciso Destas Palavras Escrita
(opening film), RJ, directed by Milena Manfredini and Raquel Fernandes, 20’, with the presence of actor Luciano Quirino
Eu Quero ir Para Casa (2018), Brazil
1983: O Ano dos Videogames no Brasil, directed Marcus Garrett and Artur Palma, 143’19’’, with the presence of director Marcus Garrett
O Homem da Cabeça de Laranja (2016), directed by Elvis delBagno, 108’, with the presence of the director
Os Canais de Saturnino, directed by Carlos Oliveira
Os Caubóis do Apocalipse, directed by Diego da Costa, with the presence of the director
Nascer nas Prisões, directed by Bia Fioretti, with the presence of the director
Nossos Mortos Tem Voz (2018), directed by Fernando Sousa and Gabriel Barbosa, Brazil
Paranapuã, directed by Leonardo Coffani Sabanay, 30’ (Santos, SP)
Um Conto de Batman: Na Madrugada do Ventríloquo (fan film, 2014), directed by Elvis delBagno, 88’, with the presence of the director



Oito e Meio (8½, 1963), directed by Federico Fellini, Italy/ France, 138’ (festival closing film)
Duas Garotas Românticas (Les Demoiselles directed by Rochefort, 1967), directed by Jacques Demy, France, 120’


24-HOUR FILM EXIBITION  – Theme: Free press

Os Chefões Piraram (Big Boys Gone Bananas!, 2011), directed by Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, 87’
The Last Santence (Dom över död man, 2012), directed by Jan Troell, Suécia, 124’
– + surprise film.


The 3rd Santos Film Fest – Santos International Film Festival is held by CineZen Cultural. It is co-organized by Santos City Hall, sponsored by Nita Alimentos, partnership with Cine Roxy, São Judas Campus Unimonte, Orvalho Filmes, apoios institucionais de TV Tribuna (afiliada Globo), Videocamp, Vitrine Filmes. Ibis Valongo, Ibis Budget e Shopping Pátio Iporanga, and supported by Imagem Filmes,Total Filmes, Instituto Querô, Associação dos Artistas, Cine Art Filmes, Paris Filmes, Open House Idiomas, Estação da Cidadania, Cinemateca de Santos, Embaixada da Suécia, Instituto Arte no Dique, Santos Comics Expo, Institut Français, Cinemateca Francesa, Ambassade De France, Consulado Geral do Canadá, Selo Criativo, Vídeo Paradiso, Shake Burger, Costa da Mata Atlântica CVB, Sesc Santos, ONG Empresto Minhas Pernas, restaurantes Babbo Américo, Lê Lis, Elo Gastronomia e Padaria Nova Princesa. Further information: www.santosfilmfest.com, www.facebook.com/santosfilmfest and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRthAvul62ZRzaoGgA9DGbw.


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